Scientific Programming for DS

General Info

For any additional information you can write an email:

  • for technical support and for help with the exercises to the tutors:

    • Antonio Longa: antonio.longa at unitn dot it

Timetable and lecture rooms

The teaching will be divided in two modules according to the theoretical part provided by Prof. Passerini (1st module) and Prof. Dassi (2nd module). Each module will be composed of 12 lessons (6 weeks) that also comprehend 2 mid-term exams, one between the two modules (beginning of november) and one at the end (mid december).


Even if the lessons are provided in a standard room, we will try to keep the form of practical lessons held in a computer science lab. For this reason, students are highly encouraged to bring their personal laptop to work independently in solving the exercises.


I would also like to thank Luca Marchetti, David Leoni, Stefano Teso, Luca Bianco, and Erik Dassi for allowing me to use their material to prepare the course.