Antonio Longa

I’m a PhD student at the University of Trento working in the MobS Lab at the ICT center of the Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Trento (IT) under the supervision of Bruno Lepri, and in the Structured Machine Learning (SML) Group at the University of Trento under the supervision of Andrea Passerini.
My research activity focuses on Complex Systems, Temporal Networks and explainable artificial intelligence. My current projects are related to Graph Neural Network Explainability.
I am always enthusiastic to talk about science, feel free to contact me :)

I'm currently looking for a postdoc position.


Graph Neural Networks for temporal graphs: State of the art, open challenges, and opportunities
A. Longa, V. Lachi, G. Santin, M. Bianchini, B. Lepri, P. Liò, F. Scarselli, A. Passerini
[Under review IJCAI23 survey track]
Explaining the Explainers in Graph Neural Networks: a Comparative Study
A. Longa, S. Azzolin, G. Santin, G. Cencetti, P. Liò, B. Lepri, A. Passerini
[Under review ACM Computing surveys]
Global Explainability of GNNs via Logic Combination of Learned Concepts
S. Azzolin, A. Longa, P. Barbiero, P. Liò, A. Passerini
Emotion Analysis Using Multilayered Networks for Graphical Representation of Tweets
A. Nguyen, A. Longa, M. Luca, J. Kaul, G. Lopez
IEEE access
TEP-GNN: Accurate Execution Time Prediction of Functional Tests using Graph Neural Networks
H. P. Samoaa, A. Longa, M. Mohamad, M. H. Chehreghani, P. Leitner
Neighbourhood matching creates realistic surrogate temporal networks
A. Longa, G. Cencetti, S. Lehmann, A. Passerini & B. Lepri
Generating Synthetic Mobility Networks with Generative Adversarial Networks
G. Mauro, M. Luca, A. Longa, B. Lepri, L. Pappalardo
EPJ Data Science
An Efficient Procedure for Mining Egocentric Temporal Motifs
A. Longa, G. Cencetti, B. Lepri & A. Passerini
Digital proximity tracing on empirical contact networks for pandemic control
G. Cencetti, G. Santin, A. Longa, E. Pigani, A. Barrat, C. Cattuto, S. Lehmann, M. Salathé & B. Lepri
Nature Communications


Pytorch Geometric Tutorials

Collections of video tutorials and material for the implementation of GDL in PyG

Advanced Pytorch Geometric Tutorials

Collections of video tutorials and material for the implementation of advanced techniques in PyG

Egocentric Temporal Motifs Miner (ETMM)

Blog post presenting a novel mining technique based on the notion of Egocentric Temporal Motifs.

AI Trento Journal club

The AI Trento Journal Club is an open science initiative aiming to discuss and speculate about various topics of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Science.


Scientific Programming - Programming - 2022-2023

Master of Data Science - Trento University

Machine Learning - Module I - 2021 - 2022

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence Systems - Trento University
Part 1 (Sklearn)

Machine Learning 2021 - 2022

Master of Science in Computer Science - Trento University
Part 1 (Sklearn) - Part 1 (Tensorflow)

Informatica 2020 - 2021

Scienze e Tecnologie Biomolecolari - Università degli Studi di Trento


  • Ph.D. intern at Cambridge University Economic support for three months of Ph.D. intern in UK.
  • Ph.D. scholarship extension: Three months extension of Ph.D. economic support.
  • NetSci2020 sponsorship: Economic support for the online conference of NetSci2020.
  • Ph.D. scholarship: Three year sponsorship, due to my fourth position among more than 120 participant.
  • Research support UK: Seven paid months in United Kingdom.
  • Erasmus plus: Five paid months at Aalto University, Finland.
  • National register of excellences: Obtained an award from the Italian Institute for School and Research, due to the design of a sustainable building for students.


  • ACM Computing survey
  • Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications